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"Christopher Zerbe is more than a sales rep; he’s a sales futurist.
Hosa Technology would be lost in Europe if not for his vision…"

- Jonathan Pusey, Director of Worldwide Sales, Hosa Technology Corporation

"Chris was an integral part of our team, establishing worldwide distribution with his vast network.
His congenial manner, exceptional negotiating, and problem solving skills are bar none."

- Chasey Elion, Co-Founder Inspired Instruments

"The knowledge and know how of Chris in the industry is outstanding and a big help for Pepperdecks.
Great, kind, and an honest guy to do business with."

- David Van Duijn, Founder/CEO Pepperdecks Netherlands

Investing in your company's future by hiring a business consultant is an important decision only proven by the end results. Content-rich websites, brochures, or other marketing materials are alluring but can't guarantee a consultant's ability to provide effective on-schedule five-star service. Even trusted recommendations from outside sources require a leap of faith. What worked for one might not work for another leaving searching companies at a disadvantage. To help leap this known hurdle, I offer a *free no-obligation initial consultation and market study so you can see first-hand how my process can work to uncover new angles and ideas for consideration that point to success.

As a senior-level management professional of more than two decades, I have consulted and guided numerous brands globally over the firm's eleven years in business, and have eighteen years of former experience with multi-national brands. Clients hire me to benefit from this wide range of hands-on expertise in identifying, crafting, and refining profitable new tools for expedient results within their sales and marketing departments. Having promoted brands across the globe to more than 50 countries brings an advantageous perspective whether working on programs targeted for the United States or international markets.

Some common questions company's face are:
  • Is our existing profitability acceptable?
  • Is our sales and marketing team enthusiastically working at their highest capacity using the best tools to achieve the highest goals?
  • Is there room for improvement / refinement / growth? How do we get there as quickly as possible for the smallest investment?
Common questions with complex answers that often require outside focus to comprehensively tackle. This is where consulting helps to accelerate business. Hiring a seasoned facilitator who knows where to shine light from unique vantage points illuminates the quickest paths to improvement equating to greater ROI, individual / team success stories, and a more efficiently run enterprise. Third-party professionals further enjoy higher candor from company individuals by gleaning greater detail helpful to achieving collective goals.

Metro Marketing Consulting offers these primary services:
  • Executive / individual / departmental business consulting and business strategy coaching
  • Top-down in-depth analysis of company's sales and marketing programs, B2B/B2C channels, and steps to success
  • Customized creation of sales and marketing documents, programs, pricing tier strategies, and departmental systems
  • B2B/B2C corporate brand messaging and outreach campaign strategies for domestic and international markets
For more information please e-mail or call to schedule a *free no-obligation initial consultation and market study where we'll discover new ways to address your company's needs.

I offer competitive rates and may be contracted on a per-day or monthly retainer basis.

Letters of recommendation available upon request.

It would be a pleasure to connect with you and see how we can help.

Thank you,

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Christopher Zerbe
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